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myEUPTA Ferry Mobile App Available NOW!

DOWNLOAD THE myEUPTA APP – The myEUPTA App by BYTEMARK makes it easy to purchase ferry tickets on your phone~T A K I N G  T H E  F E R R Y  M A D E  S I M P L E ~



              • ENJOY THE RIDE!


First-time set up of mobile ticketing only takes a few minutes to complete
    1. DOWNLOAD THE myEUPTA APP Download myEUPTA  from the APP Store and Google Play.
    2. CREATE AN ACCOUNT.  Enter your name and email address.  You can also login in using a social account, such as Google, Apple, or Facebook and account will be auto created.
    3. PURCHASE A TICKET.  After creating an account, and entering your information, tap “Buy Tickets” on the main screen and then select your desired ticket type
    4. ACTIVATE YOUR TICKET AND RIDE.  Just before boarding, tap on your ticket to activate it.  Present your ticket to the deckhand while boarding, and you’re off!


Please note:  Commuter tickets (20 Trip Tickets) are non-transferable to other users.

Single Trip Tickets may be transferred to other users.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about the myEUPTA app

What is myEUPTA? 

myEUPTA is a streamlined mobile ticketing app for use on EUPTA ferries to Sugar, Neebish, and Drummond Islands.

Which mobile devices are supported? 

myEUPTA is available for use on iOS and Android devices.

Do I need to create a myEUPTA account to purchase a ticket? 

Currently, an account is required, however it takes less than a minute to sign up – just enter your name and email address and that is it! You can also login using a social account, such as Google, Apple or Facebook and an account will be auto created.

How do I activate a mobile ticket? 

You can access your purchased tickets in the “Tickets” screen. To activate, simply tap the ticket you would like to activate, and you will be prompted to confirm activation. An internet connection is required for purchasing a ticket, but not required to activate it. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ACTIVATE YOUR TICKET UNTIL READY TO BOARD THE FERRY

How do I know how much time is left on my ticket?

After you have activated your ticket, the expirations date at the bottom of your digital ticket will let you know how much longer your ticket will remain active. If the current time is shown on the ticket, tap the time to change to the time remaining.

When should I activate my mobile ticket?

To expedite the boarding process, you should activate your ticket on the myEUPTA app RIGHT before boarding the ferry and be ready to display it to the deckhand as you board.

How do I activate multiple tickets?

If you would like to use multiple tickets, for example if you have a pickup and a trailer, from the available tickets tab, tap each ticket you would like to activate, so they are highlighted. You will be prompted to confirm activation for the number of tickets chosen. Tap Activate. You will notice that your ticket will show both tickets that have been activated.  

What forms of payment can be used to purchase tickets in myEUPTA?

The myEUPTA app will accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and most major credit & debit cards, such as; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.

I purchased my ticket for Sugar Island, can I use my ticket for any other ferry?

Yes! All tickets are transferrable between all ferries, as long as they haven’t been activated.

Can I get a receipt for my ticket purchase?

Yes, a receipt is emailed to you immediately after your purchase is complete. Additionally, there is a “resend receipt” feature on your ticket options, which will send you another receipt at any time.

Can tickets be purchased in advance?

Yes. Purchase as many tickets as you would like and use them when you want. The expiration for using that ticket begins when you activate the ticket. However, keep in mind that tickets also have absolute expiration dates, whether it has been activated or not. myEUPTA tickets expire 6 months from the initial purchase date.

Where can I find my tickets in the myEUPTA App?

Purchased tickets will show up in the “Available” section tickets screen. When you are ready to start your trip, all you need to do is tap the ticket and then tap activate.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please visit the More section of the myEUPTA app for contact information.

Where can I buy a house, oversize load, or special ticket?

These tickets are not available on the myEUPTA app. Customers must call the ferry directly and schedule and pay for these trips at the dock.

How do I purchase a senior frequent ticket?

Seniors are required to show proof of age over 65. For an initial purchase of a frequent senior ticket customers must call the office and provide proof of age. After this, the tickets will be available for purchase on the app.

How do I purchase a student frequent ticket?

Student frequent tickets are only available from the EUPTA office.

How do I know which ticket to purchase

If you don’t know the correct ticket you need, ask the deckhand for help. Please note, if you are purchasing a ticket for a trailer, the length is measured from the front of the hitch to the end of the trailer. Any overhang will be included in the length.

All senior tickets holders should have ID available for proof of age when showing tickets.

All decisions regarding vehicle classification shall be made by EUPTA Crew and are final and binding.

How do I update my credit card information?

You can add or remove credit/debit cards from your account by going to the Payment screen, located in the settings tab on the lower right of the myEUPTA App.

What do I do if my ticket is taking a long time to load?

All phones and internet connections operate at different speeds. We recommend that you save your ticket to your device so an internet connection is not required to activate it. Please give yourself plenty of time to activate your ticket before you board the ferry. However, note that tickets are only valid for one hour after activation.

What do I do if I am having technical issues activating a ticket?

Navigate to your “More” menu. You will find all support contact information there.

What happens if my phone battery dies before I can show my ticket to the operator?

You are responsible for ensuring you have a charged and functional phone to activate and display your mobile ticket to the deckhand operator. If you are unable to display an active ticket, you will have to purchase a fare.

What if my ticket expires before I can use it?

If this occurs, you will need to purchase another ticket before your trip. Be sure not to activate a ticket or pass until you have boarded the ferry.

What if my credit card is declined while trying to buy a ticket?

Confirm that you have entered the correct details for your card, including the correct account number, expiration date, and security code. If your card is still declined, contact your bank for further assistance, or try another card.

What is the notifications button for in the top right corner?

You will find various information here pertaining to the ferries. You will need to set you notification settings for service alerts and news and updates to on to receive notifications.

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